Rhaast Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Runeterra
  • Expansion Worldwalker
  • Rarity None
  • Cost 5
  • Attack 3
  • Health 6

Card Text

Auto-Equip: Corrupted Scythe. When I kill an enemy, fully heal me and heal your Nexus 2.


Challenger - Can choose which enemy unit blocks.

Overwhelm - Excess damage I deal to my blocker is dealt to the enemy Nexus.

Flavor Text

Rhaast let out a triumphant howl. Years of waiting, yearning, and now... he was finally free. He lifted Xolaani’s blades and put them to his tongue, savoring the taste of fresh blood. He closed his eyes in bliss, and a smile crept across his face for the first time in millennia. The reaping had begun.


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