Taarosh Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Shadow Isles
  • Expansion Worldwalker
  • Rarity None
  • Cost 10
  • Attack 10
  • Health 10

Card Text

Each round, the first time I attack, fill your attackers with revived Ephemeral copies of the strongest followers you've slain this game.


Ephemeral - This unit dies when it strikes or when the round ends.

Fearsome - Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more Attack.

Flavor Text

Legend says Taarosh was mere moments from destroying Xolaani when the Darkin were set upon by the Targonians. As centuries passed, he sensed the land around him become corrupted, tainted with rot and perpetual stench of death. How he dreamt of steeping Xolaani in this same suffering once he'd claimed his freedom.


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