Attack, draw, repeat

Last updated 7 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 30800
  • Your Cost 30800
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This is just another aggro deck with the typical qualities of an aggro deck:

swarm the board, rally, attack repeatedly and draw a ton of cards...

Draw? Yes this deck is specialized in drawing by attacking

Both The Darkin Harpoon and Brash Gambler tend to draw a card or two when they attack and as it happens... Vayne is very good at letting harpoon wielders and the Brash Gambler attack

Why is that good? Oh well with that much carddraw you will scale surprisingly well later into the game and it's not too rare that I happen to outvalue control opponents that happen to draw so little... no idea why they wouldn't draw 10 extra cards.

aside of that this is just an aggressive deck that happens to level Vayne and Miss Fortune well 

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