The Token Shop is MARVEL SNAP's answer to the problem of targeted card acquisition. How does it work, what cards can appear there, and how do you earn the currency to purchase them? We have the answers to these questions and more in our guide to the Token Shop.

This guide covers the basic features of the Token Shop. If you're looking for a guide to help you decide which cards are the best ones to spend your hard-earned Tokens on, check out our Token Shop Tier List for all Series 3 cards.

Unlocking the Token Shop

Before you can use the Token Shop, you first have to unlock it. This is a relatively simple proposition: all you need to do is get to level 500 on the Collection Ladder and the Token Shop will appear in the in-game shop, beneath the Daily Offer shop for Variants.

Once you've unlocked the Token Shop, the game gives you 3000 Collector's Tokens for free. Collector's Tokens are the currency used to buy cards from the Token Shop.

Buying Cards from the Token Shop

Buying a card from the Token Shop is simple: you tap on the card and, if you have enough Tokens, you press OK and you've bought the card.

But before you buy, you should know what kinds of cards will show up in the Token Shop, how often a new card will appear, and how to keep a card there if you want it but don't have enough Tokens to buy it.

The cards that will appear in the Token Shop are the cards you haven't collected yet from Series 4 and 5, along with Ultimate Variants. The costs for these cards are as follows:

  • Series 4 Card: 3000 Collector's Tokens
  • Series 5 Card: 6000 Collector's Tokens
  • Ultimate Variant: 5000 Collector's Tokens

The Token Shop has three sections: the Series 4 & 5 Shop, the Weekly Spotlight, and the Ultimate Variant Shop. The Series 4 & 5 Shop and Ultimate Variant Shop show only one card at a time and refresh to a new card every eight hours. However, you don't need to worry about missing out - the Token Shop doesn't change its card unless you've logged in and seen the card it's offering; no need to adjust your sleep schedule for fear of missing out on that one card you want.

If you don't want the Token Shop to refresh - if it's offering a card you really want but don't yet have the Tokens to buy - you can Pin the card in the Token Shop, and it will stay there until you either buy it or Unpin it. When you buy a card or Unpin it, the Token Shop won't refresh immediately. It will still wait until the regular refresh time to show you a new card.

Pinning a Series 4 or 5 card doesn't remove it from the pool of random rewards, and doesn't change the odds of getting it from a Cache or Reserve. 

Be wary of spending all your Tokens on a particular card: if any card you bought from the Token Shop gets nerfed, you won't receive compensation. No refunds!

If you really want a card from Series 4 or 5 but are blanching at the cost, you should know that those cards will eventually trickle down to the lower Series as part of monthly Series Drops (with the exception of Thanos, Galactus, and Kang who the team plans to keep in Series 5 for the foreseeable future). It's a good idea to wait for the announcement of that month's Series Drop before committing to pay full price for a Series 5 card.

Weekly Spotlight

Whenever a new card is added to Series 5, it will be featured in the Token Shop under the Weekly Spotlight banner. There is no Pin for the Weekly Spotlight, and after its week is over the new card will be transferred over to the Series 4 & 5 section of the Shop.

Choose Your Series 3 Card

With the March 21st Patch, Series 3 cards can no longer be purchased with Collector's Tokens. Instead, Series 3 cards are part of their own section of the in-game Shop. Once per Season, players can add a Series 3 card to their collection for free.

Remember, you can only do this once per Season - once you've claimed a Series 3 card, the Shop will minimize until the start of the next Season.

There is no Pin in the Choose Your Card Shop - if you want the card, you should claim it before the Shop refreshes.

How to Get Collector's Tokens

The first Collector's Tokens you'll earn will be the 3000 Tokens you get for reaching Collection Level 500 and unlocking the Token Shop.

After that, the main way to get Collector's Tokens is to open them from Collector's Caches and Collector's Reserves. Both have a 25% chance to give you somewhere between 200 and 600 Collector's Tokens. For more information about those odds, see our dedicated guide to Collector's Caches and Reserves.

Once you've got every Series 3 card, Collector's Reserves will additionally have a 22.25% chance of containing 100 Collector's Tokens - meaning you'll now have a 47.25% chance of earning some amount of Collector's Tokens.

Shop Bundles are also potential sources of Collector's Tokens, specifically the Token Tuesdays bundles that show up every Tuesday for 24 hours and offer some amount of Collector's Tokens and random Boosters in exchange for Gold. This is one of the more Gold-efficient ways to purchase Collector's Tokens.

What Are Ultimate Variants?

Lastly, we should spend some extra time on the final item among the Token Shop pools: The Ultimate Variant.

Ultimate Variants can only be purchased from the Token Shop for 5000 Collector's Tokens. They are not part of the pool that feeds the Mystery Variant reward and they will not show up in Collector's Reserves or the Daily Offers Shop.

There are several Ultimate Variants currently in MARVEL SNAP, and more are added to the game each month.

Now you know the ins and outs of the Token Shop, so go out and make the most of it.