Champion Skins are a cosmetic feature in Legends of Runeterra which was released on May 19th, 2021 during the Dark Horizon themed event..

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    What are Champion Skins?

    Champion Skins change the appearance of champion card but not any of the champion's abilities, stats, or mana cost. 

    • Different card art for the Champion cards
      • This includes the Champion images displayed before the match in the "VS" screen 
      • It may also include artwork for associated tokens such as Zed's Living Shadows 
    • Different level-up animations

    We have not seen any skins which alter voice lines yet; however this is a feature for certain LoL skins so it is possible we will see this in LoR's future.

    Currently, there are 2 tiers of champion skins: "alternative card art only" and "alternative card art with alternative animation". The skins with alternative animations are priced more expensive than those with alternative card art only.

    Champion Skins will be the second cosmetic enhancement system added to Runeterra; the first was Prismatic Card Styles. Champion Skins and Prismatic Card Styles are two independent options. For example, you chose between vanilla artwork without Prismatic style, vanilla artwork with Prismatic style, skin-specific artwork without Prismatic style, or skin-specific artwork with Prismatic style.

    How to Purchase Champion Skins

    To purchase skins, go to the Store tab and select the "Skins" option. All of the available skins will be displayed for purchase with coins. Currently, there is no option to buy skins except for with coins.

    There are two tiers of skins:

    • Skins with only alternative card art cost 700 coins
    • Skins with alternative card art plus alternative level-up animations cost 1290 coins

    What Are LoL's Champion Skins Like?


    "Little Devil Teemo" from Halloween 2016 

    Since skins are so new to LoR, it can be insightful to examine League of Legends where Riot has been regularly selling champion skins for years. In LoL, champion skins are released in small sets with a common theme. Runeterra players may recall last year's Spirit Blossom event in LoR; that brought with it associated "spirit-themed" skins for Cassiopeia, Lillia, Riven, Thresh, Vayne, Ahri, Kindred, Teemo, Yasuo, and Yone in LoL. Similarly, the K/DA All Out event brought associated "popstar-themed" skins for Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Kai'Sa, and Seraphine. And we've already seen the preview of LoL skins for the upcoming Ruination event.


    LoL's skins aren't limited to lore events, however. Skins have been released to commemorate holidays, celebrate e-sports events, or "just for fun" such as the Culinary Masters and Pool Party sets.