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About bananaMurloc

HS Shaman/Rogue main (and Priest if I'm on a bad mood).

Jack of all trades, I play by order of preference:

  • The Elder Scrolls:Legends - top 500 Legend - semi-decently since June 2019
  • MythGuard - Gold - like a Timmy since day one of Open Beta, this game has great mechanics! (I'm looking at you too, Grease Monkey)
  • Legend of Runeterra - Platinum - casually since Closed Beta previews,
  • Hearthstone - Diamond - like a n00b since January 2019,
  • MtgA - Platinum - since Arabian Nights on cardboard, in Arena since early 2020, just started properly on digital and enjoying Gruul aggro so far.
  • Runestrike - Casually Gold
  • And a little Kards too, but somehow never got hooked
  • Call of Myth - RIP
  • Total War:Elyseum - RIP
  • Yu Gi Oh  MD - tried for a bit, but life's too short

I manage to be pretty average at all these games at once, amazing!


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