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Casual player and dragon deck builder.

Started out learning MTG from my cousin. Loved the art and really dug into the tribal themes. The first tribe I choose however was Wall! Wall of Swords, Illusionary Wall, and Animate Wall. This was my thing. Later I cemented myself more into the more iconic Dragons. Kamigawa gave my what I needed with the Star dragons. Kokusho being a favorite. Mix that with a bit of reanimation and a deck was born (5 color of course).

My love of Warcraft started early. Played the all the games. My brother got into WoW early and pulled me along side him. Have played all expansions, even if I leave, I grab all the story bits I can. When Hearthstone came out it was an easy sell. Cards, characters I know, and even free! Now I dabble in ranked, mixing both Wild and Standard to ensure I never really progress. As I build decks I always seem to ask, "Would this be better with dragons?" and mostly answer yes. I'm the player who grabs the unplayable cards and tries to make them work over and over. It keeps things interesting.

Current favorites:

Standard; Singleton Dragon DemonHunter, Highlander Dragon Priest, Zixor clone Hunter, Transmog Galakrond Rogue. 

Wild: Voltron Warlock (oldest deck), Galvadon Dragon Paladin, More Dragon Demonhunter, Reno Praise Yogg Mage, Reno Renounce Cthun Warlock!


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