Fey Plagiarist

Fey Plagiarist Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Core
  • Faction Norden
  • Rarity Rare
  • Cost 1
  • Strength 1
  • Health 2

Flavor Text

Svartálfar artificers don't care about your patents; as far as they're concerned if your intellectual property is grokkable then it's open source.


<b>UWishUknew</b> <color=orange>@BlackHatter</color> Aug 15 Replying to <color=orange>@BeRight</color> This is the best purchase I’ve made in ever. I might never take it off. <color=orange>#Brísingamen</color> <b>Ilke</b> <color=orange>@BeRight</color> Aug 15 Replying to <color=orange>@BlackHatter</color> I’m wearing mine all the time too. The number of attempts to steal it have been quite flattering. <color=orange>#Brísingamen</color>


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