Update Sept 15 - We were right, the bundle is $10!

In today's patch, Scholar Jaina, the focus of the upcoming Book of Heroes adventure, has been added to the game and we've had a chance to take a look at her data!

In doing so, we've discovered that there are no unique voicelines for her. After an extensive look at the game, we are certain this is not a mistake on our end and Blizzard really intends to not give her custom voicelines. They could always patch the game again before next week to give her voicelines, but we don't believe this to be a mistake.

Scholar Jaina will be available in the store starting September 15 inside of a special bundle containing 5 Standard Mage card packs. Pricing for the bundle is currently unknown but we're expecting it to cost at least $10 USD. Are you considering picking up Scholar Jaina? Would you change your mind if she has custom voicelines? Let us know in the comments below!