The second week of the Forbidden Library event begins later today! We've got the first part of a new 10-part adventure, the Book of Heroes, and a new hero in the shop. Read on for more details!

You can find a full schedule of the Forbidden Library events here.

The Book of Heroes Adventure

The Book of Heroes is a new adventure launching today that aims to tell the tales of our basic Hearthstone heroes.

  • Jaina Proudmoore is the first Hero available in the adventure.
  • Additional Heroes will be added to the game over the next year.
  • Upon completion of the wing, you will earn a card pack dedicated to that specific class. (Earnable once)

Jaina Proudmoore Card Image Jaina Proudmoore Card Image Jaina Proudmoore Card Image

If you want to see what is in store for you in the adventure, we've datamined it here.

Scholar Jaina Available in the Shop - 1 Week Only!

The same Scholar Jaina from the Book of Heroes adventure is going to be available in the shop.

  • Available for $9.99 USD (9.99 EUR).
  • You can only purchase Scholar Jaina for the next week.
  • She does not have unique voicelines but instead uses the default Mage ones.

The bundle includes Scholar Jaina's Hero and 5 Standard Mage packs.