Microsoft and Bethesda Present Hi-fi RUSH, a New Rhythm Action Game From the Creators of The Evil Within, Out Today!

Well, this is an unexpected surprise! We have a new game from the creators of The Evil Within series, but it’s basically the opposite of those games in atmosphere, art-style, and gameplay. Hi-Fi Rush sees players take the role of Chai in a colorful sci-fi world.

The game reminded us of MadWorld combined with Jet Set Radio, with some Crypt of the Necrodancer rhythm combat. The music doesn’t restrict your movement, but synchronizing your hits to the beat is going to make taking down your enemies easier.

The art-style is cell-shaded, with very expressive facial and body animations from the characters. If you’ve grown tired of hyper-realistic graphics, this is going to be a breath of fresh air. The music, at least from what we’ve heard, is a banger, and will make your neck hurt from all the bopping.

So, when is the game launching? Well, if it’s not out by the time this article goes up, it’ll be in a few hours. Yes, Microsoft decided to reveal and launch this game at basically the same time, and you can play it immediately if you have Game Pass.

What do you think of Hi-Fi RUSH? Are you gonna give it a shot when it launches later today? Let us know in the comments below!