Just a few days after the release of the most recent major patch, a relevant small hotfix update is pending. It's a small one only in size, for its largely positive effects might be felt across more than one Hearthstone game mode. Once everything has been fully deployed across all regions, the fun can begin. 

A server-side hotfix means no additional downloads are necessary, you should be able to see the listed changes as soon as they are in effect on the live servers.

By the way, the Fire Festival quests are now also live! So is the special Yogg-Saron event for Mercenaries. And the dust refund window still seems to be active.

Since our usual messenger Nicholas "DeckTech" Weisz (also known as GnomeSayin on the Blizzard forums) is on vacation, Community Manager Kurt Ocher has stepped in meanwhile to keep everyone posted. And so, let's start with the biggest adjustment of them all: 


Count me in among the fans: 

Quote From Blizzard

Arena Update

  • Draft appearance rates have been adjusted for numerous cards.
    • Developer’s Note: Since the debut of Voyage to the Sunken City, we have seen Colossal minions make a big impact on games, often the deciding factor. Their effect has been compounded by the prevalence of Discover effects. To improve deck consistency across the mode, the appearance rate of Colossals, other high-impact Legendary minions, and Discover effects have been reduced.

Now that was swift. We've certainly been seeing a lot of extra Arena attention as of late. Between the ongoing adjustments and the return of Taverns of Time, this could be the most impactful balance change yet, with potential long-term healthy consequences for all drafts and games going forward. I know I personally won't miss having to face Colossals more than half the time. Or other overgrown entities. 

Quote From Matt London
Lots of card appearance rates adjusted, specifically targeting the ability for Colossals and big scary dragons to steal the game.

Alas, we do not have any more finer details to share at this point. 

Crabatoa Card Image Hydralodon Card Image


The more notable part, Kooky Chemist already trying to break stuff: 

Quote From Blizzard

Battlegrounds Minion Updates

  • Evolving Chromawing has been removed from the pool.
    • Developer’s Note: Evolving Chromawing has been temporarily removed due to its power level with Kooky Chemist, but it will return with some changes.
  • Steward of Time has been added to the pool.

Temporal dragons be temporary. And the less notable part, in the form of typical Armor adjustments:

Quote From Blizzard

Battlegrounds Armor Tier Updates
Several Battlegrounds Heroes have had their armor level adjusted, and are now in the following armor tiers:

  • Heroes moved to Armor Tier 1:
    • Tamsin Roame
    • Pyramad
    • Silas Darkmoon
    • Vol’jin, Guff Runetotem
    • Cariel Roame
  • Heroes moved to Armor Tier 5:
    • Sindragosa
    • Kael’thas Sunstrider
    • C’Thun
    • Tavish Stormpike
    • Increased to Armor Tier 6:
    • Millificent Manastorm
    • Mr. Bigglesworth
    • Kurtrus Ashfallen
  • Queen Azshara is now in Armor Tier 3.
  • Alexstrasza is now in Armor Tier 2.

Last but not least, a couple of bugfixes: 

Quote From Blizzard

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed an issue where Azshara’s Ambition would fail to transform if discovered from Training Session.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed an issue with Lord Jaraxxus, who had been temporarily removed from the Hero pool but is now playable again.

The problem of one Leeroy Jenkins remains for now (there is this weird interaction when the minion is granted a Divine Shield). 

Quote From Mitchell Loewen
[…] Leeroy fix will come later (it's a weirdly tricky bug)


Rejoice, this time for sure! It's been almost 3 months since the League of Explorers has merrily crashed into Duels, and yet various achievements and promised solo adventure unlocks for Hero Powers and Treasures kept refusing to work as intended time and time again. After more hotfix patches than anyone might possibly remember, could this be the glorious day when all is finally well as it should be?

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Duels] Fixed an issue with League of Explorers achievements not advancing.
  • [Duels] Fixed an issue with Treasures of Uldum not unlocking in Duels
  • [Duels] Fixed an issue where Tombs of Terror Signature Treasures and Hero Powers were not properly unlocking in Duels.

Tombs of Terror await! Or you can just do it the slow, gradual way by simply playing Duels with these characters.


Just a couple of minor issues: 

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Mercenaries] Fixed an issue with Earthmother’s Fury Deathblow not functioning properly.
  • [Mercenaries] Fixed an issue where Mask of Mimicry could swap with a dead Mercenary.

On a side note, have you noticed that since the big Monday patch the absolute terror of all modern Bounties is no longer as totally overpowered with the ridiculous 0 Speed ability at its disposal? Now the multiplying menace 'merely' remains just very overpowered, and probably still quite adept at making our unfortunate Mercs cry. 

Doppelganger Card Image

Other 23.6 Known Issues & Fixes

Yes, there is actually an official forum thread for the Patch 23.6's known issues and fixes, but there's been barely anything there to report for the past few days. It's largely for this reason we haven't yet had our usual "bug hunting" compilation. Just so we are on the same page: 

Quote From Blizzard

  • The Darkmoon Prize, Repeat Customer, has been temporarily disabled in Battlegrounds due to a bug.

  • [6/28, Resolved] A very small number of players incorrectly received a Golden Mercenary Portrait for Yogg-Saron, and/or Yogg-Saron as a Mercenary, after purchasing items that included a Random Legendary Portrait. A small hotfix was deployed to prevent this from happening further, however affected players will not lose the Mercenary or Portrait and will also receive a Random Legendary Portrait shortly after 24.0 goes live. (and Yogg-Saron will be available as a Mercenary soon!)

We will update this thread throughout the patch period as we have more information to share.


Good for anyone who might've unexpectedly pulled their Yogg-Saron 'painting' ahead of time. 

As for that standing Battlegrounds bug, here is the official-unofficial added info: 

Quote From Mitchell Loewen
I'm pretty sure the repeat customer fix is also in this hotfix.

Let's hope so!

We'll keep you updated once there is more to share! Happy with the now depowered Arena drafts, or perhaps you've actually enjoyed the Colossals meta? Itching to finally get all these Duels unlocks done properly, or eager to jump into some Battlegrounds or Mercenaries instead?