The newest bigger-than-ever Hearthstone expansion went live earlier today, and it didn't take long for a stream of fresh reports and known issues to start flooding in for March of the Lich King. Some of them sound far more serious than others. As usual, not everything might've been officially documented as of yet, and any pending fixes might take a little while longer to arrive while the Hearthstone team tries to get their bearings. 

Quote From DeckTech
Hey all, we've been updating the Known Issues post with a few high-profile things that have come up today.


We'll keep updating throughout the following days, as the situation develops. For now, here is a quick list detailing what we are currently aware of, based on the official Blizzard forums and a number of social media posts:

[Resolved] Standard and Class Packs

Update: It took quite a while, but everything should be back to normal now. 

This seems to have been mainly related to Standard and Class packs (while March of the Lich King and some other sets appeared okay throughout), which either were causing some people to crash or erroneously providing them with better than intended (tons of Signature Legendaries!) drops. There is no word on any server rollbacks, compensations, or anything of the kind at this point. Will some players get away with their impressive early hauls?

Quote From Blizzard

  • We have addressed the bug with Standard Packs and Class Packs, and have reenabled all pack openings in all regions.

Death Knight Prologue

We've briefly remarked on this already, but it would seem not everyone gets to experience the new solo content as seamlessly as they might've wished. Hold on there, Death Knight fans. 

For what it's worth, none of these errors should be preventing anyone from fully unlocking the new class and receiving their 32 Core set cards. But there might be some growing pains. 

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Added 12/6] The team is aware that some players are receiving the Death Knight prologue fights in the incorrect order. The team is investigating the issue. It appears players are still able to complete the prologue and unlock the Death Knight Core Set cards even if the fights are out of order.

  • [Added 12/6] The team is aware that some players are getting stuck after winning the last fight of the Death Knight Prologue. Restarting the client will get you “unstuck.” If the Achievement has appeared for completing the fight, the player should be counted as having completed the prologue and unlocking the Death Knight Core Set cards.


Older but still relevant: 

Quote From Blizzard

  • Death Knight cards, like those you will get from packs or the Path of Arthas, can’t be used in the Hearthstone mode until you unlock the class. Under certain circumstances, players may be able to queue a Hearthstone mode game as a Death Knight before they unlock the class. This will result in an error and the game will not start. Complete the Death Knight Prologue (available on December 6) first to unlock the class, then you will be able to play with it on ladder.

  • Under certain circumstances, players may be able to complete the Death Knight Prologue prior to getting the special Event Quest to finish the Prologue. The Event Quest can be completed if you go back and redo the final fight of the Prologue after the Event Quest is offered to you.

Hearthstone Duels

Well... something crucial might've been missing.

Update: This should be already fixed, but you might have to restart your game before seeing any changes. 

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Resolved] We are investigating reports that the Death Knight Core Set cards are not appearing in Duels.


There are also some early reports of the new Death Knight Treasures not all working as well as they should be.

Reroll Feature

This is only relevant for people who might've had less-than-ideal experiences during the recent Private Fireside Gatherings. If you didn't see any of these prompts upon logging into the game today, best contact customer support.

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Resolved 12/6] The team is aware of reports that the new duplicate re-roll feature did not work during pre-release weekend pack openings. Affected players will get their re-roll offers upon login now that March of the Lich King is live.


Then there is also this comment from Hearthstone Features Lead for something that might be affecting every player in one way or another:

Quote From Celestalon
Yeah, the reroll result can be delayed (or even out of order) a little when the server is under heavy load (like today). Not great, working on it!


Some of these have already been added to the list and known as pre-launch issues, but not everyone is likely to be aware. Extra warning about Souleater's Scythe

Quote From Blizzard

  • Souleater's Scythe may fail to function if it starts in your hand and is mulligan’d away. The team is looking to get this issue resolved in a hotfix shortly after expansion unlock.
  • Death Knight shows as a playable class in Dungeon Run solo content. This is a visual bug; the class will not be able to be selected for that content. This will be addressed in the next major patch (Patch 25.2).
  • Anachronos can cause disconnects when moving Dormant minions through time. If you get lost in time, restart your client to reconnect to the game. The team is working on a hotfix to address this issue.
  • Anachronos can cause a visual bug where the visual cues for keyword effects (such as the Taunt shield effect) do not appear when a minion is returned from being out of time.
  • The team is aware that the achievement to earn Sire Denathrius (for people who did not earn him during the Patch 24.0 cycle) requires you to play Sire Denathrius, making him harder than intended to be earned. The team is looking into alternative options.
  • In Mercenaries, Chromie’s Change the Timeline visual effect does not appear as intended on mobile. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Souleater's Scythe Card Image Anachronos Card Image Sire Denathrius Card Image

That should about cover everything for this early post-launch report. We'll keep you posted should more issues (and preferably fixes) come up. 

How about your own experiences with the expansion, did you manage to keep the bugs at bay? If you know of anything else that isn't working properly, do tell!