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Although no exact details have been announced yet regarding the mini-set, with only a brief teaser about it being Naxxramas and Silvermoon themed earlier today, it looks like we've got one important detail about a new minion!

In an image posted to Twitter, the official Hearthstone account has given us a look at a new Murloc Dragon dual-type, and the alt text shows Putricide might be a big part of this whole new Naxx thing.

Quote From @PlayHearthstone

Two minions, one test tube. So many dangerous possibilities!

Alt Text

A ferocious Dual-Type Murloc Dragon minion bursts from a vial of green liquid within Professor Putricide's lab.


If you could create your own Dual-Type Minion, what would it be?

If Professor Putricide approves, we'll bring your idea to life!

Nothing says that this is going to be a collectible card in the mini-set, but with the teasers today and this art being on hand, something tells us this is another teaser and we should expect some interesting cards coming out of the set. With the description stating that there are so many possibilities, could this be a Professor Putricide Legendary card that can spawn a bunch of different dual-type minions? Maybe it's a Discover card so there is plenty of opportunities for synergies in different decks.

What do you think this theoretical Murloc Dragon will do? Guess the stats and its effect in the comments below!