Out of Games Premium

Help us create great content, get an ad-free browsing experience, and standout with cosmetics!

Why Out of Games Premium?

No Ads

Faster page loads, less distractions.

Site Cosmetics

Show your support with special on-site goodies!

Support the Site

Keep our batteries charged and awesome.

Your Premium Benefits & Setup

Each tier of Premium comes with the same features, just more platinum per month for more expensive packages.

  • Ad-free Experience on Out of Games.
  • Supporter site title!
  • Unique cosmetics! Premium members earn "Platinum" site currency each month they are subscribed to use in our store.
  • Make your comments stand out! All your comments have a unique border to showcase your support.
  • Colored name on our Out of Games Discord server.
  • Chat with site staff in a secret Discord channel

To make sure you get your rewards, be sure to connect your Out of Games account to external services via account management.

Out of Games Platinum

All Premium members receive a new site currency called Platinum for each month they are subscribed.

  • Unlock unique site cosmetics in the shop.
  • Boost community content.
    • (Coming Soon) Show your love for content by giving it unique flair.

Members will receive the following amount of Platinum every day they are subscribed.

  • Premium: 1 Platinum
  • Premium Gold: 3 Platinum
  • Premium Platinum: 7 Platinum
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