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Eternal Fabled Poros (legitimately good)

Last updated 11 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 12800
  • Your Cost 12800
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Updated W/L record is 23-4, as of 5/27, for an 85% winrate over 27 games. 


Here's a starting list for playing Poros in Eternal Ranked. A few cards are flexible, but not that many. Nearly every card in the deck has won me a game at some point. 

Your wincon is usually big Daring Poros, which have been buffed by Spirits Unleashed and/or Poro Snax and/or Iceborn Legacy

The mulligan is kinda an art form, hard to say exactly what you want to keep. Always keep a Daring Poro, but you'll very rarely play it until you can buff it safely. Always keep Poro Snax or Spirits Unleashed (because the deck doesn't work at all if you don't play your buffs), but be careful, because you also need bodies on the board as well. Always keep Patched Porobot. Poro Herder is also a good keep, since he's basically worthless to our board - he's a chump blocker who draws a poro and that's about it - great to drop on turn 2 - and he's actually kinda useful if you have Spirits Unleashed.

Generally don't keep a Fabled Poro or Aurora Porealis or Troll Chant in your opening hand.

Vi is here mainly to disguise what we're doing for the mulligan phase, so that's why there's only one copy. However, if you have her in your opening hand, you can consider keeping her, since she upgrades fast, and she can be a real problem for your opponent, potentially. I'm considering dropping one Mighty Poro to add one Ezreal, for the same reason - people will be seriously confused by seeing Ezreal + Vi, since that's not even remotely a deck that anyone uses. And, like Vi, Ezreal would have his uses, especially if he gets a buff from Spirits Unleashed.

As mentioned above, playing Daring Poro itself can be tricky if it's a 1/1 or 2/2, especially if you have Iceborn Legacy in hand. Ideally, you want to play him with 5 mana leftover, but the difficult part comes in due to Iceborn Legacy's focus speed - if the opponent has removal for the poro, you can't buff it (and by extension, you can't buff all the other Daring Poros in your deck/hand either). So, your goal is to play the Daring Poro when they can't remove it, or when you think they might not spend the effort to remove it. Hitting the Daring Poro with the Iceborn Legacy is quite important, so you want to do your best to make sure it lands.

In my first 12 games, I never faced the same deck twice, and my opponents mostly seemed pretty competent. Won 9 and lost 3.

Here's an example of how absurd the deck can get. (Just a link to an image hosting service with a screenshot. I can't make the image insertion work at all. And yes, that happened in a Ranked match. There was lots of rallying and stunning with Yasuo and Katarina on the previous turn, but it clearly didn't matter at all.)

Update after two days of games - I'll list all wins and losses as I've been tracking them:

Wins by a lot - Trundle Ramp; Katarina/Yasuo; Ez/Karma/Sett; Mono-Zilean; Karma/Sett; Ez/Seraphine/Viktor; Lurk

Wins that were close - Annie/Jhin; Mono-Teemo; Plunder; Kalista/Viego/Hecarim; Taliyah/Ziggs; Ekko/Zilean

Losses - Samira/TF; Elites; Annie/Katrina ft. Tybaulk; Taric Rally

Total is 13-4, though it's possible I missed a game or two.

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    Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Newest update - the deck has cooled off to "only" about a 68% winrate over 47 games. Part of the reason for this is quite simple - my MMR was absurdly high. I was still in silver and it was matching me against high Masters players, one of whom is literally the highest ranked player on the entire shard. Yeah, that's fair. Victim of my own success I suppose.

    So, needless to say, I started losing quite a few games that way. And one of the losses was just pure stupidity on my part, including at least three different places that I made colossal errors in that game.

    At this point, now that my winrate has cooled off, it's just matching me against Diamond players instead of Masters (when I'm in Gold 4).


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