Pirates! A Custom Battlegrounds Update (WIP)

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    Pirates! A Custom Battlegrounds Update

    (Last updated 3/26/20)

    Pirates have arrived to plunder the Battlegrounds! This is a custom Battlegrounds expansion I've been working on. I'm hoping to add a couple more minions (and if there are any balance issues let me know), but here's what I have so far.

    Band of Misfits!

    Pirates have to stick together to survive. A good crew can work together to empower their own on the path to victory! Many Pirate minions have abilities that give buffs to their fellow Pirates. Keep a steady hand on the wheel and the board and it's smooth sailing to victory!


    Pirates (and a few stowaways) have brought weapons for their hero to give them an extra advantage in the fight! Weapons give additional attack to the hero after a successful combat, but they also lose durability each time. Keep your tools in good shape, because some Pirates can use your weapon to their (and your) advantage!


    Pirates aren't just on the board, but have brought a few Heroes along with them to turn the tide and bring victory to the Battlegrounds! Use their hero powers to your advantage and conquer!

    The Cards!

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    Tier 1!

    Tier 2!

    Tier 3!

    Tier 4!

    Tier 5!

    Tier 6!




    All cards made with Hearthcards

    Artwork credits can be found in my Imgur gallery for the set here.

    Thank you for reading, let me know what you think and what I can improve!

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