Meme Dream Lacky Priest? Maybe possiable just for fun.

Descent of Dragons
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    Now this archetype basically is a complete meme for priest, but it works a little better now. Honestly this is pretty much a Test Subject Grave Rune deck just for fun. Just load up the test subject with anything you got rinse and repeat over and over...until it get silenced. I have not found any success with wall style gala decks for priest nothing seems consistent. Combo priest pretty much got better as far as I can tell the Invoke adds some beef to your Mid Game if you get cleared early, but honestly in that situation with Combo priest I usually die. Though lately I can recover with a bit of RnG, and Divine Spirit Inner Fire action. There may be some use to this idea, but I don't know what to cut. Since everything having a death rattle is pretty important you have to go hard for face.


    Its just one of those decks

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