New Arena Impact thread?

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    It has been a while since the last Arena Impact thread here on out of cards. The last one dates back to the Ashes of Outland card reveal and it had only two people rating cards and it didn't get a lot of response. To be frank, I believe the thread went by mostly unnoticed to me as well. Still, I always enjoy reading such threads and I feel a bit sad that there wasn't such a thread for recent expansions. To hopefully prevent this from happening this time around I decided to raise some attention, hence this thread.

    Arena is my main mode, been on the leaderboard once, and I'm willing to rate cards for Arena completely voluntary. Would people be interested in an Arena Impact thread for United in Stormwind? Would anyone else be willing to rate cards for Arena format specifically? I'm willing to do this on my own if I have to, but of course, it's a lot more fun if more people are involved. Personally, I don't care if you're staff here on OoC nor if you're an experienced Arena player or not, but I'm no staff member either so if any staff member can comment on this that would be nice.

    Also, if you're not willing to put in the time to rate cards for the Arena format specifically, but would like to see such a thread a comment would be much appreciated as well.

    Tl;dr: My goal here is to gather some Arena enthusiasts, both rating and reading, in order to have some fun while rating cards and shine some light on Arena. The format could use some attention.

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    I am also an arena player, and I remember reading way back about arena impacts for expansions, starting with Un' Goro. I'd love to see the reviews come back again. I would like to participate, but an entire expansion seems a bit much, though I might actually do one for the next mini-set.

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    Arena changed alot with new rotation... the card value has gone down significantly. You can get alot of trash card and then maybe 7-8 good card that will carry you. so all about drawing those. Many situational card which can be dead in hand, so better to play a card on curve to win the board control, which is very importent.

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    I like this new meta a lot more, albeit if it is a rather simple and straightforward one. It’s just play green card every turn and win. While this definitely created polarizing matchups for the people that go first having a major advantage over those going second, at least it is a somewhat board-centric meta with minion trading and whatnot.

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