Class specialization idea

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    Posted 4 years ago

    In WoW classes have several specs that focus on different thing. In Hearthstone our classes are an amalgamation of all the specs from wow. Priest has both shadow spells and holy spells. What if we had specs in hearthstone too?

    The simplest way to achieve this is new hero powers. Each class would have 3 powers that they can select for a deck. Here are some examples:


    • Fire: our current Fireblast hero power;
    • Frost: "Freeze a minion."
    • Arcane: "Gain Spell Damage +1 this turn.


    • Holy: our current Heal
    • Discipline: "Deal 1 damage to a minion. Restore 1 Health to your hero."
    • Shadow: Deal 2 damage to a minion.

    These are just (probably unbalanced) examples but think of the diversity this could add to the game. There could also be cards that do different things based on which specialization your class has.

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    It will adds unecessary complexity to the game. New HPs, as already discussed on several other topics, will be a nightmare to balance while cards that may have different effect based on something else are pretty point less per se.

    The flavor of each class is pretty well rapresented by most of the Basic set.

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    I'd be all for the idea. 

    Unfortunately T5 has very narrow minded views of class identity, even when that identity doesn't mirror what the class looks like in WoW, to the point where they would never be that innovative.

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