New expansion on the horizon!

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    The teasers have developed an interesting concept and it seems many are excited about the possibilities. Especially with the recent leak of Dalaran on one of the cards, there's a lot of talk about Violet Hold. I for one have a good feeling about the direction they are going with the lore of these new sets. Any bold predictions before they spill the beans?

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    Alright so here's what I want to see.

    All the villains were imprisoned and a greater force (What up Yogg?) breaks them free. They spend the first expansion escaping and starting to cause some terror. We end up with the second set being just pure terror and the final set is us finally putting them all away.

    Since Yogg is involved, we end up with some beautiful creature art in the first set. 

    I just want some damn Old Gods involved! Also, Khadgar for playable mage card pls.

    Remember, it is possible to collect your own card so Khadgar playing Khadgar makes sense.

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    1st expansion  - E.V.I.L. engages Dalaran with Warlock, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman and Priest 
                                 - Dragons defend Dalaran with Mage, Paladin, Hunter, Druid

    2nd expansion  - Engagement extends, E.V.I.L gets more support and evil Mages, Paladins, Hunters and Druids appears
                                  - Good guys have some warlocks, warriors, rogues, shamans and priests at their sides. so they can also have dragon support.

    3rd expansion   - There is still engagements but horrible things happen, Corrupted Dragons appear. E.V.I.L will have some dragon support at the end.

    Because they've said that the whole year will share same theme.

    or for a different scenario

    1st expansion - Same with above

    2nd expansion - Same with above

    3rd expansion - Old Gods joins engagements and corrupts Dragons and E.V.I.L gets dragons on their sides too

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