Classic Pack Dust Refund

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    Blizzard recently gave out some dust in compensation for a bug with classic packs. I only opened 1 packs and got 100 dust, but today I got 700 more. I don't know why, but if they are still giving out dust does that mean I can buy the golden classic pack bundle and get extra dust? Or was this extra 700 just a fluke? I am not sure if I want to buy the bundle, but if I can farm extra dust from it then I will.

    Did anybody else get extra dust today? Where did this extra 700 dust come from? And can I farm bonus dust by buying more classic packs?

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    They fixed classic packs so you cannot get anymore bonus dust that way. If you could travel back in time then I would suggest it, lol.

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    Did you get a golden copy of a card? I got 40 dust on the "compensation day" and 360 dust today, and the only Classic pack I opened was the golden one from Classic launch celebrations. It seems they're still fixing those errors.

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    I also got 100 dust yesterday and another 700 today. I don´t remember how many classic packs I´ve opened or if any at all. Don´t know how they´ve distributed the dust, but I don´t think buying another Classic packs will net you more dust, wouldn´t count on that.

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