Deck Overviews For The Next Tournament

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    Posted 2 years ago

    Nothing exciting or interesting going on here, not seeing any control decks period because they are harder to pilot.

    Not seeing deep or ledros control or any the other "tournament" deck options availible, no dragons either yeeesh, very little pure midrange.

    Honestly, if everyone sticks with decks from this exceptionally safe list this tournament is gonna be about as boring as worlds was.

    Gotta say one thing for the days of mtg professional play, but those guys had definite decks and styles of decks they preffered and were pretty easily distinguishable from one another because of it.

    How else would of the hall of fame system worked if they were all essentially the same person?

    For me I'm gonna scan the stream to look for the single bright spark that decided to pilot something interesting, hell I would take lisandra Thralls as a breath of fresh air at this point.

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