Easy Mono Shurima Counters

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    So mono shurima is an archetype that I have experience with long before it was playable.

    Here's a list of counter decks beyond the obvious, landmark removal lists.

    1. Nasus slay, otk options are dangerous against mono shurima because of a lack of hard removal. So creating a champion that is 20/20 representing fast speed lethal is very dangerous back up by your own counter spell. Also quite agressive traditionally.

    2. Swain represents strong removal options but also stun lock endgame with lethiathan, always a valid option he's never out of style.

    3. Burn aggro, compared to the board reliant all in play styles of spiders that will struggle going into the buffed quicksand, sitting on the sidelines and slinging spells whether that's prankster ephemerals with monkeys or a more direct approach should be effective.

    4. Dragons, strong challengers with cheap demacia removal will present a problem for mono shurima when they have none of their own. Then you can ramp into Asol and see what wins.

    5. Rally/predict/sandman/scouts extra attack phases have always been extremely problematic for mono shurima to deal with. Just because they are a little faster now doesn't change that.

    6. Deep/lasandra hard to win without a deck God emporer or no he's not immune to mill.

    ***the meta is changing time to change back with it, to high synergy decks with unique wincons and not just value vomit***

    Do that and you'll be fine.

    Here we have two decks to show you which is better against Shurima.

    One is your standard value grind that is effective in the previous meta and the other is an even older school build that is fast and effective against high synergy brews should they get popular again.

    Neither one is inherantly better then the other, they just serve different purposes and learning the difference will make you a better player, and you'll spend less time arguing on Twitter about buffs to weak high synergy decks.

    So here we have the buffed deck why is the faster high synergy burn list better then the control list.

    Because they only have the following lines of play, play creatures to stall, burst speed interaction to stall, rite of the arcane, and counter spells.

    None of that is great at dealing with low curve fast win cons with a burn finish.

    Option 2 if you don't want to go under with high synergy, you go over with high synergy

    Turbo ramp into an Asol, or obliterate their deck, or play an old fashioned war mothers is honestly to strong for them to deal with

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