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    This is undoubtedly the healthiest meta movement I've seen since bandlewood released in LOR so one year let's say.

    Why do I say that oh mono Shurima is OP no it isn't its at 52%

    What people really mean is that a lot of the value grinding lists that were oppressive are now bad.

    Darkness while never OP did start the trend of play a creature that give you a free card, rinse and repeat till win.

    Now we are seeing these "cycling" decks fall below 50% because even if everything cycles and they have infinite value they will still lose to mono shurima which is good 

    Ramp decks are back at 54% winrate whens the last time we saw that?

    Pantheon is still good for those that like him at 54%

    Aggro still does aggro things.

    So across the board the "decks" are getting better and the "card piles" are getting worse 

    I view that as amazing, but the people who have gotten used to this game being this way for so long will hate it.

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