Why The Rules Changes Were Great

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    Imagine this play scenario, you have heimer on board:

    1. You play an 8 mana production surge

    2. Your opponent plays deny

    Your opponent has played a 4 mana card to stop something like 13 mana worth of tempo of you include Heimer himself.

    This is instantly game losing.

    Now under the rules change:

    1. You play production sirge

    2. Opponent plays deny

    3. You get 1 8/8 but their deny still trades up in 4 mana value


    It is my oppinion that this isn't a skill gap issue its a champion balance issue.

    Should of just played a champ that doesn't suck, and then you could climb.

    Well under the rules change even low tier Champs like Heimer are now playable on a somewhat even playing field.

    People will point to Ezreal and go see, see. 

    But ezreal Catlyn went up like 2% total.

    Its just whiny streamer players that are upset that deny isn't a catch all card anymore and that wincons ie. Champs that need to be good for the game to be fun.

    Are now actually good again. Same as I've been saying for almost a year now.

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    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

    I'll give another example opponent created an aggro discard shell with Heimer and just a million cheap pings.

    Boom baboon, boom baboon, zaunite zauntie

    Swing free 7 dmg due to double chomp.

    Play heimer.

    Then on attempt to remove just jam a million pings to re flood the board.

    Now is this unbalanced, losing to Heimer Swarm, or would he have instantly lost to like vile feasts, or avalanches etc.

    Its seem unfair when those 5 spells hit the stack, it seems uninteractive, but it just means you have to start building in deck counters.

    Hey if I'm wrong and Heimer Swarm becomes the best deck in the game we'll review then but right now it's cool to see big brain win a few matches.


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