Heimerdinger Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Piltover & Zaun
  • Expansion Foundations
  • Rarity Champion
  • Cost 5
  • Attack 2
  • Health 4

Card Text

When you play a spell, create a Fleeting Turret in hand with equal cost. It costs 0. I've seen you summon 12+ Power of Tech allies.


Fleeting - Fleeting cards discard from hand when the round ends.

Imbue - These abilities trigger when you resolve a spell.

Flavor Text

"Mad scientist? Pft! I'm clearly a very-stable-if-slightly-disorganized-and-eclectic scientist, thank you very much!"

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    I hate you with a passion you little ...grrr. As annoying in LoR as is in LoL.


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