Moonlit Glenkeeper

Moonlit Glenkeeper Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Shadow Isles
  • Expansion Worldwalker
  • Rarity Common
  • Cost 3
  • Attack 2
  • Health 3

Card Text

When you summon an Ephemeral ally, grant it +1|+0. Nightfall: Summon a Sapling.


Ephemeral - This unit dies when it strikes or when the round ends.

Fearsome - Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more Attack.

Nightfall - Bonus if this is not the first card you play in a round.

Flavor Text

Far from the Shadow Isles' shores are copses of trees thought long-dead, crooked and unmoving to all but the most keen observer--who will note that in that moon-drenched soil, new life stirs.


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