Broadbacked Protector

Broadbacked Protector Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Round Start: Heal your Nexus 3. Deal damage to me equal to the amount healed.


Round Start - Get this effect when the round starts.

Flavor Text

"Nobody knows the paths of Targon like I do, so I get stuck with some of the, uh, willful stellacorns. Good thing they've got me to look after them!"


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    Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

    Honestly, this card looks fairly meh.  I predict it will get some play, but not in any of the "top tier" meta decks.  It does have some potential to stall out aggressive decks, especially when combo'ed with Gems, Resplendent Stellacorn, and all these new support buffs, but nexus health is a resource and for the most part you'd rather sacrifice 3 nexus damage to preserve 3 HP on a unit rather than the other way around.


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