Fated Buffed

Last updated 8 months ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 23400
  • Your Cost 23400
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Basically just jam barrier, spellshield and overwhelm on a big unit.

Not a real brain scratcher.

So the curve is one drop, then cat on 1 drop, then eula for spell shield then Ibex for overwhelm.

Win game?

------final edit-----

Full disclosure this list is very strong and is actually something I have a lot of midrange experience playing but the new spellshield option just sets this deck over the edge.

Having 6 overwhelm grants and 6 spellshield grants having two easy to level Champs and being able to say trade into a turbo Swain with a one drop and deny all removal attempts its very good, and will make opponents angry.

Even fiora gets beat out, tahm kench dies if played on curve, so really there's just edge case scenarios where you lose.

Not hitting your gas, or landing your combo, same stuff all decks suffer from.

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