Playable Vlad - Riot Come On Guys

Last updated 7 months, 4 weeks ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 30400
  • Your Cost 30400
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Took me 10 minutes of experimenting to find a Vlad deck that is not only viable but highly synergistic and competitive.

We know that vlad braum scar grounds is kind of a bad deck

But you know who challenges and strikes and survives and stick around, our favorite sythe lover

So lets just play midrange vlad good stuff with cultists pkg

Ballista is our top end functioning as both a relevant equipment and an 8 mana challenger that levels Vlad (strikes and survives)

noxious tellstones tutors for removal of burst depending or a unit if really needed

Transfusion still amazing card, momentus choice amazing, entrancing lure cycle and removal

All great options for the new form of vlad with the complimentary rez

hook master, 1 off blood for blood, keeper of the box, curator and veteran (only competitive vlad units)

Like just wanted to put out there that evergreen metas are relevant because you can play with old cards and new cards and win.

-------final edits------

Took a little time to revise but is basically winning non stop now.

Biggest argument why eternal is amazing you take a new champ pkg and slap it with the vlad pkg admittedly only transfusion, legion veteran and vlad himself and you have a great deck.

So the argument here is that the champ design is eternal and perfect however the folower design of vanilla cards can get stale, like the rest of vlads stuff is fairly useless.

Compared to how powerful the new cards are like batista being full out broken like all the other purple equipment.

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