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When I was creating this list, the goal was to create a list that featured as many "individually powerful" cards as I could, and then supplement them with cards that naturally build on any existing synergy options that the deck contains. Ultimately this is the list that I ended up with, and I want to talk about the card choices in detail. If video is your preferred method of consumption, you can watch me go over the deck here as well.

Dreadway Deckhand is a great early game drop that helps to amplify early spells. Increasing the damage output of cards like Make it Rain and Vile Feast is incredibly useful in the early game. Even if you don't get to "use" your keg directly because an opponent attacks it, you still get some value out of them choosing to attack the keg. It's essentially the same as "healing" the amount of the attack in many cases. The keg is also relevant later in the game, amplifying the likes of Grasp of the Undying and Withering Wail. Deckhand also works incredibly well with Kalista. Powder Kegs count as allies for the sake of leveling Kalista, which means that it's a great option to help level her quickly. Deckhand also creates the kegs on summon, which means that you get to create and keep extra kegs if Kalista levels up and begins creating copies of Deckhand.

There are several other allies in the deck that have summon effects, and as a result will generate extra value if Kalista revives them. Hired Gun is a wonderful two drop that allows you to dictate combat. It's a great inclusion because it doesn't hinder you that much if you draw it later in the game, which is key for cheap units. Frenzied Skitterer is still a powerhouse at stalling turns, and yet again it has a summon ability that a leveled up Kalista can take advantage of. Zap Sparyfin is the "Shadow Assassin" of Bilgewater. It has relevant keywords and draws a card. Did I mention it's a summon effect? Now Sprayfin does only draw spells, but there are so many good spells in the list that you really are fine with any of the results. This is a Shadow Isles list after all, so Vile Feast and Glimpse the Unthinkable are staples. Glimpse in particular is as powerful as it ever was. Yes, it will keep your hand full as you try to outvalue your opponents. But you can also use it to deny Ezreal targets, prevent Lifesteal units from allowing the enemy to heal, or deny strikes from the likes of Fiora or Garen. It has always been a very versatile spell, and not much has changed since the new expansion has went live. Sprayfin finding one with its summon effect is usually a guaranteed way to ensure your hand never runs out of cards.

Speaking of summon effects, this deck also runs Gangplank and The Rekindler. Gangplank yet again creates a keg, which is relevant for all the same reasons that were listed with Deckhand. Gangplank just also happens to have a very nice 5/5 body with Overwhelm as well, which is very respectable. The Rekindler is awesome at making even more Gangplanks, which in turn makes even more kegs. Now if you level up your Kalista and she starts resurrecting The Rekindler who resurrects Gangplank who makes a keg... Usually a concede soon follows.

The top end of the deck features Riptide Rex. Rex is the new Rhasa, creating a big threat with a back breaker conditional trigger. Rhasa has lost much of his value with the new set, as you might end up eating spiders or kegs. Even worse, you might not get any value if you play Rhasa on an empty board. Rex on the other hand blasts the opposing units very effectively. He does a good job of chewing through barriers as well, since his effect is technically seven separate effects. But perhaps the best part is that you aren't punished for playing him if the enemy has no units on the board. The barrage simply turns into direct damage, accelerating the game in your favor.

As for possible substitutions, I often times will drop the Black Spear cards in favor of Hapless Aristocrat. Aristocrat is a great early game unit that can soak a lot of damage against decks like Mono Demacia. However, it can also feel like a "dead draw" in the late game at times. Black Spear has been a shadow of its former self since getting nerfed, but with the additional power from kegs it can be very useful. Four health is a magic number in Runeterra, and it often means a unit is "safe" from removal. The kegs combine nicely with Black Spear to shatter that line of thought and catch people by surprise.

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    this deck lacks gp 1st 5 round face


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    This deck was pretty good but I had trouble against deep decks


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