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I've been playing Hearthstone since a week or so after the official release, and the thing I enjoy in this game the most by far is deckbuilding. Expect to see a lot of decklists from me every spoiler season, though I will usually delete them if the archetype becomes refined by better players than me, or if they turn out to be incredibly bad/unfun, etc. I will try to build any type of deck if I think the list is sufficiently more interesting than "top tier deck from last expansion + 3 new cards", but I generally prefer decks that can play the long game in one way or another.

If you comment meaningfully on any of my decks, I will usually respond as soon as I notice it's there; I'm not sure if this site automatically tells you when this happens yet, but if not than it may take some time before I see it.

Other games I enjoy are Pokemon Showdown (I enjoy the main Pokemon games a bit less these days), Slay the Spire, and Smite when my shoddy internet permits it. Besides games, I also enjoy reading, music, anime, Netflix, films, walking, and weight training.

Some other stuff about me: I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Philosophy&Ethics at A-level, and Mathematical Sciences at university, which I sadly did not complete. These days I'm far more interested in people-centred topics, but I'm still happy to use my STEM knowledge when it's convenient. I currently do low level admin work and am trying to find stable career somewhere, but interviews suck.

If you were wondering about my avatar, I took it from Smite, and I am a genuine Communist. Leftist politics is a huge part of my identity, though I guess this isn't really the website to discuss it. If you are interested in an intro, then I recommend checking out the content on /r/Breadtube (especially Contrapoints, Shaun, or HBomberGuy), the podcast ChapoTrapHouse (and associated subreddit), Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein, or Our Riches by Peter Kropotkin (the opening chapter of the famous The Conquest of Bread, aka "The Bread Book"). If you're already a leftist, then The Finnish Bolshevik has a great channel for why you should consider being a Marxist-Leninist; Marx and Lenin also have a lot of very important works for leftists of all stripes once you are acquainted with the basics.


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