Everything We Know About MultiVersus’ Monetization, Progression, and Rewards Systems

MultiVersus, the platform fighter from Warner Bros. that goes into open beta on the 26th, has just published a trailer going into detail about how the game will handle monetization and progress. This is an important aspect, as the game is Free-to-Play, and a proper progression model is important to the success of the game.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Playing the game will earn you gold, which can be used to unlock any character.
  • You can try characters out for free without purchasing them.
  • There will be a free rotation of characters available to play.
  • Each characters also has a reward track consisting of various perks (which change the way the character plays) and cosmetics which can be unlocked.
  • Gleamium is a currency you can buy with real money.
    • You can use it to purchase other characters or cosmetics.
    • You CANNOT use it to purchase perks or level up characters. You can only do that by playing the game.
  • There will never be lootboxes in MultiVersus. (screenshot this one as evidence)
  • There will be a Battle Pass with many cosmetic items, like skins and emotes.

Are you excited for MultiVersus? Who is going to be your main? Let us know down below!