Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 46 – Dark Deity, Evil Dead: The Game, and Rumbleverse Cosmetics

It’s Thursday again, meaning we have more free games from the Epic Store! This week is all about fighting, whether that’s an army of enemies, hordes of demons, or lots of people in silly costumes. Let’s take a look!

Dark Deity

This is a tactics RPG similar in style to Fire Emblem. Explore the world of Terrazael as you fight oathbreakers, warmongers, and wielders of forbidden arcane secrets, all while going up against a king that wanted to use you as cannon fodder for his mad conquest.

Evil Dead: The Game

Put on your chainsaw and mow down the enemies as Ash Williams and his friends in this third person shooter. Play in a co-op story mode with up to 4 friends, or go into the asymmetric PvP, where you can also take control of demonic characters that can possess the environment.


A battle royale where people wear silly costumes and beat the snot out of each other. Similar art style to Fortnite, but replace the guns with your fists. The game is free, but this week you get a cosmetic pack for free.

Dark Deity, Evil Dead: The Game, and Rumbleverse are free to claim until Thursday. Next week, we take to the stars in a galaxy far, far away, with Star Wars: Squadrons.

What do you think of this week’s selection of freebies? Let us know down below!