Epic Holiday Gift for December 28th: Mortal Shell

We’re back with yet another free title from Epic Games! Today we’ve got Mortal Shell, a game that, it should be noted, can be played ‘for free’ already if you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus, tier Extra or higher. Mortal Shell was previously available on Xbox Game Pass, until it left in November and made the move.

The Basics

In a bit of a theme continuation from yesterday (where you cycle through weapons), in Mortal Shell you’re expected to cycle through corpses! Take over the bodies of fallen warriors and use them for your own means (read: combat). This action RPG was released in 2020 and remastered for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2021. The game’s combat features third-person melee combat.

The game is free to claim only until tomorrow, roughly 23 and a half hours from now, so grab it while you can! Epic also likes to provide a hint for the next game to become free, so if you want to try decoding the following gift box, let us know what the next title may be:

epic mortal shell hint for 29th dec

Have you already played through Mortal Shell? Tell us how it was in the comments below!