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Everyone wants card packs during a new expansion but did you know you can get them cheaper than normal? By using Amazon Coins and the Amazon App Store, you can get discounts as high as 30% on Hearthstone card packs.

What Do I Need?

It's easy to get started with Amazon Coins!

  • Have an Amazon account in a region that supports discounted Amazon Coins.
  • A credit card or Amazon gift card to purchase Amazon Coins on the site.
  • An Android device capable of installing the Amazon App Store and Hearthstone through it. *

iOS users can use a PC to install an Android emulator which can in turn install the App Store and Hearthstone.

How it Works

  • Amazon Coins are worth 1 cent each (in the US).
  • Buy Amazon Coins at a discount (ranges based on how many you purchase at a time)
  • Load up Hearthstone on your Android device (or emulator) that you have installed through the Amazon App Store.
  • Purchase in-game packs via Hearthstone using your Amazon Coins.

How High are the Discounts?

  • Currently, the lowest discount worth mentioning is 11% when purchasing 500 coins for $4.45 (a savings of $0.55).
  • The highest discount is 20% when purchasing 50,000 coins for $400 (a savings of $100).
  • You will likely want the 10,000 coins deal when pre-ordering expansions and buying additional packs. This is discounted at 19% - $81 for $100 worth of packs!
  • The highest discount ever seen on Amazon Coins was 30%.

Buy Amazon Coins for Cheaper Hearthstone Packs

Ready to dive in and get some cheaper Hearthstone packs? Click here to buy Amazon Coins.