Today is a one of a kind day. It's 22/02/2022, a palindrome day that contains only 2s and 0s and also happens to fall of a Tuesday, which kinda sorta sounds like 2. In other words, it's Twosday.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion, we'll take a quick look at 18 Rare Mythgard cards, one per color per set. Why Rares? Because you can only have TWO of them in your deck. The card choice is very subjective, those being cards that have a very interesting effect in the game, have a special significance to the site, or we just think they're cool. Let's get two it!


Earthslide Card Image Bragi's Ballad Card Image Zero Day Trigger Card Image

Earthslide is the favorite card of this article's author, so there's a lot of bias here. However, the card is really cool in its own right, being a complete board swarm that's dependent on your deck, which makes you think about deck building. It also makes good use of the art, as the Earthslide Elementals reuse the spell's art. Not to mention an avalanche of golems is just awesome!

Speaking of awesome art, that's pretty much the sole reason why Bragi's Ballad is here. The effect is pretty mundane, allowing you to draw 3 cards and shuffle one back in your deck, so you do end up with 2 cards. But the idea of an immortal demigod having a rock concert on a floating platform that spews lightning during the supernatural Olympics is just another level of epic!

However, the final card is here due to it's effect. Zero Day Trigger is the kind of card that makes the enemy think about their move, trying to figure out what card is in peril to be discarded. Yes, it's random, but the randomness is the kind keeps you on your feet instead of just frustrating you.


Godspore Mushroom Card Image Morbid Centrifuge Card Image Doublespeak Card Image

Godspore Mushroom is the very definition of "unreliable fun". The card too unpredictable to use in any serious deck, but you'll have a memorable game whenever you play it. And unlike Splicing Lab, the mutations you get stack. Will the target get +1/+1, Immortal, or Defender? Only one way to find out! The art is a trip, too. Later Update: Got them mixed up, it's Splicing Lab that stacks. Entry still goes to Mushroom because of the art.

Morbid Centrifuge is the exact opposite of Godspore. If your opponent leaves it on the field for too long, it'll make their deck a bricky mess, since they're more than likely to draw multiple copies of Virulent Strain, which will reduce their life and cripple any minion that gets drawn.

Finally, Doublespeak is here mostly because of the art. Yeah, the effect isn't bad, and the fact that it has Mirror (which adds another copy to your hand without Mirror) is fairly unique, but the art is on a whole other level! Looks like someone ate the Mushroom.


The Stretcher Card Image Ruby Raider Card Image Brinebound Believer Card Image

The Stretcher is another card that's here simply because of authorial bias. This has been the best form of mill in the game for a long while, and it pairs magnificently with Dragon's Teeth. The VFX for this one are also amazing, with a giant chain hitting your opponent directly.

When the Rings of Immortality expansion came out, it brought with it the Forge keyword. This has strong ties with one of Mythgard core mechanic, that of Burning a card by shuffling it into your deck to gain a mana and a gem. Minions with Forge would gain a bonus effect when Burned, and Ruby Raider is the perfect embodiment of that. Did you know that she is Minitaur all grown up?

Last, but certainly not least, is Brinebound Believer. What earns it this spot is the fact that, if left on the field for too long, it transforms itself into another card, Thrall of the Trident God, which in turn transforms into Scylla of Dire Strait. That transformation chain is very unique and simply cool, and can also be done using Whispers of the Profane.


Marching Orders Card Image Auspicious Forecast Card Image Ved'ma Steelshaper Card Image

Marching Orders has a very unique effect in Mythgard. It allows you to move both the minions and the enchantments fully to one side of the board. While there are card that allow you to move some minions, like Shinobi of Chains, none do it en masse, and none can affect enchantments.

Unfortunately, Dreni's Rares from the Rings of Immortality expansion aren't very exciting. They're not bad cards, but they don't exactly have the wow factor that others in this post have. We went with Auspicious Forecast because its main effect is adding cards to your Boneyard, which isn't something many cards do.

Rounding things up is Ved'ma Steelshaper. The card gives you a small conditional AoE in the form of Carom Zig Shot and Carom Zag Shot. What makes this one special is the fact that it was actually revealed here on the site, making it one of 3 reaveals for out of cards, along with Steroid Drip and Parsa's Cornucopia. The art isn't too shabby either, depicting a Russian witch in a power suit.


Soma Oasis Card Image Wry Trickster Card Image Khyber Qomandan Card Image

If you were to rank every enchantment in the game by power, Soma Oasis would be near the top. The card offers conditional draw to make up for the relatively steep cost, and minions created on it become a lot harder for your opponent to deal with.

Wry Trickster is in a similar boat with Zero Day Trigger from earlier. The card creates mind games with your opponent, forcing them to either weaken their board or hold back their attack. However, it doesn't come without a cost, as its ability comes at the cost of your life points.

We end the Parsa section with Khyber Qomandan. The Winter War expansion has a good deal of multi-color cards, and Qomandan is the perfect embodiment of that. This is the kind of card that want to go in a dual color deck, but it gives you flexibility as to which of them, as Black Box Operator, Threnody Muse, and Brother Moonblade belong to the Norden, Oberos, and Harmony factions, respectively.


Spiteful Mimic Card Image Profane Locus Card Image Anthem of the Rebellion Card Image

One of Harmony's most fascinating mechanics is Stealth, which completely hides what the minion is from your opponent, and you can't know its identity until you interact with it. Spiteful Mimic takes full advantage of this secrecy, as attacking into it too early will cripple the attacker. But don't wait too long, as the Stealthed minion could easily be a Thriving Shade.

Profane Locus sets itself apart by being one of only 3 enchantments that can change lanes on their own, the others being Waystone Garden and Spark of the Uprising. It's also another mind games card, as it forces your opponent to choose between crippling their minions and losing cards from their deck.

The very final card is Anthem of the Rebellion, one of only 2 tri-color cards in the game, along with Triforge Alliance. Both of these cards also have the Persist mechanic, which allows them to stay on the field for a set amount of time. Persist was supposed to be introduced in The Winter War, but was used earlier to buff lesser played cards in Rings of Immortality and the Core set.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane. Is there any card in here that we didn't mention and you think should have a spot? Are you excited for the eventual return of the game under Monumental? Let us know in the comments bellow!