Some out of the blue news coming our way. A few days ago, Reddit user Phlebas3 made a post on the Mythgard sub raising some concerns about Monumental. The company's Co-Creator and CEO, Monty Kerr, answered most of those concerns, giving us a glimpse at both what's in store for Mythgard in the near future, as well as a quick peek behind the scenes at the company itself. Let's take a look!

Elemental Uprising

We have a name for Mythgard's first expansion since the Monumental acquisition: Elemental Uprising. We don't know much about the content of the expansion, but we can infer it'll likely have something to do with Elementals. The vast majority of these cards are in Norden and the tokens from Fires of Creation, with Atzlan, Parsa, and Harmony getting a couple of them each. There's also no real synergy with the Elemental either, so this expansion is a great opportunity to both extend it to other colors, as well as give it its own playstyle.

Jotun Shatterfist Card Image Phantasmagorgonian Card Image Hyperborean Card Image

We also know that the expansion will have 120 cards, making it the largest expansion so far. According to Monty, about 80% of the art is done, thanks to the efforts of over 40 artists. However, don't expect a release any time soon. There's still a lot to do in the game, and the team wants to build an audience and re-launch the game proper before releasing the expansion.

Quote From Monty

- We have a 120-card expansion in development called Elemental Uprising. It's coming along nicely - I believe 80%ish of the art either done or being iterated on. There are more than 40 artists on the project and I'm really proud of the work the team has done; it's a gorgeous addition to Mythgard.

- But even if the expansion was done today, I wouldn't release it until we have a lot more players playing the game. That means our priority is getting the game to a state where we can confidently spend on marketing.

Behind Monumental Scenes

This Reddit post lets us get a glimpse into how Monumental works behind the scenes. The interesting part is the modus operandi of the company: Acquire games that didn't quite grab an audience, and try to give them a new lease on life. In addition to Mythgard, the studio has also acquired the Crownfall MMO, a number of mobile games, as well as another CCG and an unannounced MMO.

Quote From Monty

We have EIGHT games under the Monumental umbrella (including a new CCG and an unannounced MMO). We plan to acquire more great games, as we find them.

If you're wondering why there haven't really been any developments in regard to the other games, keep in mind that the studio itself is only 2 years old. Adding new stuff alone takes some time, and Monumental is currently focusing on infrastructure and modernizing the backend of its titles. This is not a bad thing, as it allows for better future proofing of your games. 

Quote From Monty

Monumental is only two years old. We're just getting started!

Quote From Monty

We haven't announced anything for the games because we are heads-down working on them. Our announcements would be "we're completely rebuilding authentication and account management, updating the development, testing and staging environments, replacing much of the monolithic server design with microservices using a scalable Kubernetes-based architecture, and completely overhauling the game's analytics and reporting systems". It's not particularly interesting, even to our small audience. When we get closer to re-launching the games, we'll ramp up our marketing and community efforts.

Now, only time will tell whether this strategy of "acquire game and try to revive it" will work. Personally, I'm hopeful that Monumental will at least be able to bring something out at some point, and the recent balance changes and constant communication on platforms such as Discord and Reddit inspire quite a bit of confidence in the people in charge.

What do you think of Monumental's long-term plans? Are you hopeful for the future of Mythgard? Let us know down below!