Mythgard has just got a fairly substantial update! The big news is the improvement to the daily login rewards, which are now worth between 8 and 25 times what they were before, so now's a pretty good time to try to get back into the game. You can see all the new values in the screenshot below.

The other big news is a change in how new players experience the game. We haven't had the chance to see them ourself, but players should now be introduced more gradually to various concepts of the game. The rest of the update focuses on various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Quote From Author

Update Notes Version 21.5.1

Mythgard daily login rewards have been increased!

New Player Experience

  • Updated the new player experience around gradually unlocking and discovering game modes and features (After server release)
  • Improved notifications for new players


  • Fixed Tournament issues involving drafts


  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur on game startup


  • Minor UI fixes to the login flow


  • Fixed a bug that would show out-of-date daily login rewards
  • Additional tracking on daily login rewards

What do you think of these changes? Are you jumping back into the game any time soon? Let us know in the comments below!