Fresh off the presses comes a tweet from Aleco (Final Designer on Hearthstone's Team 5), promising that the team is planning on making some balance changes to the current Standard meta. As you might know, the initial Castle Nathria balance patch from 2 weeks ago has proven to be insufficient and even controversial in some circles. 

Quote From Aleco

We're going to be making some Standard balance adjustments soon. Next patch will likely be more nerf focused than the previous one and might include some neutral cards. We'll be locking in our changes this Friday, and the patch will go live ~1 week after that.

The current power decks in Standard right now are Ramp Druid, Edwin Rogue, Aggro Druid, and Boner Spooky Mage. All of these could attract some nerfs from the devs. Additionally, omnipresent Neutral cards like Smothering Starfish and Theotar, the Mad Duke could also be getting the hammer. No buffs were promised (it seems the team has their focus more on down-tuning powerful strategies this time around), but it's not something to completely rule out.

While the timing seems a bit up in the air, our guess is that we'll see this balance patch in two weeks on September 13 - but it could be sooner.

What cards would you like to see nerfed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!