As a fitting recovery from last week's Randomonium, we now get absolute certainty! The clockwork rigged your decks to always have a card on top that has a cost equal to the turn number. That guarantee has some implications for deckbuilding, like Vanndar Stormpike and Far Watch Post being an absolute powerhouse, no matter which class you play as.

New Mini-Set options are also allowed. So let's deal the cards and decks, shall we? 

Neutral Vanndar Template

Starting off with the essentials. This basic list can be used on any class (though the code is still auto-set for Warrior) and changed to your liking. The advantage of a perfect curve lets you play the greediest list possible. One possible inclusion depending on the chosen class is Primordial Protector or Malygos the Spellweaver, alongside something like a cheap draw Spell.

Relic Vanndar Demon Hunter

An interesting spin on the first list. It's advised to cast a Relic of Extinction on an empty board when going first, since your curve will otherwise be too busy. Vanndar comes in at exactly the right turn as your Location will be on cooldown after doubling a Relic of Phantasms. If your doubled draws from Relic of Dimensions on Turn 5 didn't find the remaining Relics, Malygos the Spellweaver will help out with that as your guaranteed turn 6 play!

Aggro Druid

Druid isn't in its element in this ruleset. Ramping messes up your curve, while a card like Herald of Nature turns very unreliable. The list above is "aggressive", despite it sporting an immense upper curve. The bad inclusions are necessary to make sure the early draws are ideal. If you're facing too many opposing Far Watch Posts, you may want to consider Mark of the Wild as your 2-drop. Since you don't need to worry about the curve at all, you can freely mulligan for some bonus 0-cost cards.

Beast Hunter

If Wildseeds are so great, why not play them all game every game? That should have you covered until turn 3. Afterwards, you can engage in the usual Beast-cheating, starting with the singular Azsharan Saber into a lucky Pet Collector top-deck. And thanks to the newly released Defense Attorney Nathanos, you get to summon all the big beasts you can possibly fit.

Quest Priest

Yep. Play cards on curve. Clear all the stuff. *Yawn*

Murloc Shaman

One of the more unchanged lists, compared to their Ranked equivalent. For the higher cost play we made the choice of cutting out Gorloc Ravager, in order to always get a Bloodlust and safely close out games. Keep in mind that the Dredge effect of Tidelost Burrower won't determine your draws until turn 6.

Are you enjoying this week's Brawl? Which clock-attuned deck did you come up with? Share you best takes in the comments below!