Dragonguard Lieutenant

Dragonguard Lieutenant Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

When I'm summoned, if you Behold a Dragon, grant me Challenger.


Behold - Bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand.

Challenger - Can choose which enemy unit blocks.

Flavor Text

"When I lost my comrades in arms at Wrenwall, I thought I had also lost my resolve... but it turns out there is nothing that a fight can't stir up in an old soldier."


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    Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

    2 mana 3/2 challenger is very good. Unfortunately, the challenger tag is conditional and without it, the card isn't strong enough to make the cut, so this card is getting play exclusively in dragon decks. Normally that couldn't be a deal killer, except we already have some very competitive dragon decks that basically have Herald of Dragons as the only 2-drop and go for more of a ramp / catch-up-in-midgame approach so I'm not sure they want this card. I'll tell you what, though: I can't wait to see!


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