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Karma/Aphelios [Post-Buffs]

Last updated 2 years, 11 months ago
  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 27100
  • Your Cost 27100
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3x Mountain Goat for 3x Eye of the Dragon: Sort of forgot Eye existed, it's much better in this deck than Goat.




Both Karma and Aphelios got buffed, along with some of their support cards. I honestly think with the Watcher weakened, this deck has a good chance to be viable. Aphelios presents a win condition, and Karma can provide an endless train of value, healing, and win conditions through Infernum and Twin Disciplines.




Gifts From Beyond: Late game, this gives you two Moon Weapons with Karma, which each get doubled. This means Calibrum becomes a removal spell, Severum becomes a major source of healing, Gravitum sort of stays the same, Infernum becomes a win condition, and Crescendum summons two Goats. That's pretty good versatility late game.

Lunari Duskbringer: We always want Aphelios to make a Moon Weapon when he comes down, and we can always discard the card to Spacey Sketcher.

Guiding Tough: This replaces Health Potion in normal Karma decks while also not being useless before Karma levels up. With Karma, you draw two and heal 4,  which is obviously pretty great.

Mountain Goat: Our unit of choice to cheat out with Aphelios. It blocks Fearsomes well, generates cards to trigger Apehlios's Nightfall, and can be discarded to Sketcher if needed.

Pale Cascade: We are a Targon deck invoke deck, this draws cards, we play it.

Twin Disciplines: Now that this card is 2 mana, it's an excellent protection piece for Karma and Aphelios, who aren't superb in the health department. It also is very good with Infernum and leveled Aphelios.

Aphelios: The eventual win condition of the deck, and over all incredible value engine. Every turn Aphelios stays alive we get value. With Karma leveled, he gets absolutely ridiculous.

Hush: A one-of of Hush is a Targon staple, of course. It's also worth noting that it removes Spellshield and silences the unit underneath with Karma on board.

Concussive Palm: A Karma deck staple, and generally good control card.

Deny: I'm torn between this and Bastion, but I leaned this for now. I will test further.

The Veiled Temple: If we don't draw Karma, Aphelios can still win off the sheer power that Temple provides in term of mana refill. The buff is also helpful, but less important.

Will of Ionia: Lmao of course we're playing this at 4 mana.

Karma: Since Lux was a no-show at today's patch notes, Karma is, in my opinion, best paired with Aphelios. Doubling up on Moon Weapons and getting access to Targon's excellent spells such as Guiding Touch, Pale Cascade, and Starshaping definitely elevates Karma's late game power level.

Starshaping: Healing and getting a win condition is still good, even if that healing has been slightly reduced.

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

    Nice try - I was very happy with the buffs too and I will give it a shot. I hope APHELIOS builds can be strong enough for at least Tier2.
    Depending on the META people may decide to drop the likes of IRELIA/AZIR and we see a more diverse and MID RANGE oriented ladder again?


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