Sounds like a deck (Seraphine Nami Spellslinger)

Last updated 1 year, 4 months ago
  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 37100
  • Your Cost 37100
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This is a combo deck it's with nami, it's with seraphine.

It has a bunch of spells that create other spells and it can make sure that it keeps casting spells while leveling Nami and Seraphine with ease.

Especially a spell like Ebb is just insane here because it counts as 3 different spells in just 1 card. 

Aside of that: line them up is good, the damage spells from p&z and bilgewater are good... 

and of cause we run Subpurrsible as a 3 of in a deck where it rarely should not be a 5 mana 5/5 elusive that draws a card

Only protection is kinda meh in this list but still I can see it being nasty.

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