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Fixing Ryze For Pro Players

Last updated 1 year, 2 months ago
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  • Crafting Cost 19500
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Nifty129's Avatar Banned 0

The minuite pink region players stopped running concussive palm was the second pink region stopped being relavent.

Aggro decks do two things right now, open attack, or board spam.

The open attacks ryze loves because they have all these fast answers.

But the board spam say after your eye of the dragon has single combat to the face what do you do.

It's not only that palm is an exceptionally important homecoming target.

You palm set up the block, homecomming and palm again next turn. Like immagine Jhin annie at 56% right now plays their 4/2 stun ephemeral and you just palm it they are going to be so sad.

They just keep playing stuff, just cheap creatures you don't have avalanche or anything and you can't bounce 6 cheap units.

So thats why palm is a staple Ionia card they board spam you pre stun and get a blocker that's 2 for 1 value in that matchup a real headache for the aggro player.

Boom fixed it because I remembered palm existed and pro players were to good for vanilla.


This deck is insane if you can't win with this **** you're literally terrible at the game and you should quit.

This version of the deck actually feels insane.

3 entreats actually feels correct as a flow activator as a ryze draw, but more importantly you use it like aniva where you want his champ spell which is actually really good. Draw 3 for 3 is insane value you'll never run out of steam

I've been playing against some really good players and some not so good and this deck list is absolutely insane

If ryze is good enough for Majin it's good enough for me once again palm mvp in everything except the mirror.

I think the new 6 mana card is better than drum solo I'm gonna try it

Lol you guys are such try hard you build a deck with nothing but 1 drops to counter brew my every move.

Like duuuuh if you know what I'm playing and you're sniping me you're gonna win. Such anger and skill and ferocity.

Try it on ladder if you can can't snipe everyone.

-----final edit-----

Literally a God tier list now.

I was playing into hallowed scouts which should be an impossible matchup but the 3 of palm and 3 of formula basically made it an easy clap. Gggggggg

Yeah shromes has been a counter to ryze since the tournament days so somebody is angwy

God dammmmm tripple 9 mana elite spell getting slaughtered by my brew? Time to hang it up boyeeee

Again with the angry hard counters eh? 

----comment for snipers----

Interaction is good having your deck do nothing is bad cuz ryze will always exist.

Trick is to find a balance that's where the good brews are.

Also I wouldnt recommend trying to snipe me I have decks that encompass the games entire range of possibilities all built and customized by me.

By the time my winstreak with one list is over its on to the next. Just play your own game, build an actual good deck, etc.

Like what do you want me to say even with the sniping I win more then I lose and I'm facing off against stronger meta decks all the time and when I lose its always lame, very rarely by good play worth watching.

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  • KSTRxLKSHOT's Avatar
    Champion of Runeterra 270 67 Posts Joined 05/29/2020
    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    Oh no! Only for pro players!

    • Nifty129's Avatar
      Banned 590 1235 Posts Joined 05/29/2020
      Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

      Well you can certainly use it out of masters if you prefer? I dont really care. Like personally I build and pilot a variety of decks to sucess.

      This was in response to comments that Ryze was "bad" he isnt

      Feel free to play Turbo thralls, Zigs Thaliyah, elite, Annie Jhin, Jax Orn, or a million of my other brews that are very strong. Help yourself.


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