Willump + Braum

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A midrange deck looking to use both Freljord underused tribal mechanics elnuks and yetis, mostly yetis, elnuks already got used here and there as a meme and as a serious deck. I am calling it a willump deck because it's inevitable Nunu & willump will join the roaster there's already followers that fit them. for those who are not familiar with league's roster: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Nunu .

now with deny at 4 mana and less elusives there's more freedom for midrange decks to rise.

Strategy: Get as many yetis and elnuks on the field and overwhelm your opponent.

"Weird" Card choices:

Brittle Steel I just think this card is really strong even if you don't use other frostbite effects or Ashe.

Avalanche - this deck is very "tall" except the Troop of Elnuks which might or not work, so it's there to clear token/elusive decks that still exist.

The rest are part of the description.

Trifarian Assessor is the best card in the deck so many 5/5s means a lot of card draw.



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