When playing with Azir, you can gain a huge power-swing in the late game after restoring the Sun Disc which brings him to power level 3, a feature currently only seen on the new Shurima Ascended Champion cards. Your entire deck that you brought into the game gets replaced with "The Emperor's Deck". This isn't shown anywhere in-game though, so how good could it be? It turns out, pretty awesome!

Azir Card Image Azir Card Image Azir Card Image

Table of Contents

    The Emperor's Deck

    Azir's special ascended deck contains 15 cards. They do not change, it is the same list in the same card quantities no matter when mode you play. The deck contains some very strong cards that, once used, should swing you into victory.

    Emperor's Guard Card Image Emperor's Prosperity Card Image Shimmering Mirage Card Image Crumbling Sands Card Image

    The cheaper cards in the deck, make up just over half the deck. These all have card draw as a focus which helps thin the deck out to get to the really awesome stuff.  You can get some strong bodies onto the field (Emperor's Guard) for a simple 2 mana, which is absolute insanity when you consider that the only other collectible card in the game right now that has 5 attack is Trifarian Gloryseeker, a card with only 1 health and it can't even block. Without even pulling out the strongest cards in Azir's deck, you're already off to a great start.

    Golden Herald Card Image Sandstorm Card Image

    Things begin to get really fun when you dig deeper into the deck though. On the higher end we've got Golden Herald that can be a source of infinite value on the board. We've also got some great control through Sandstorm which features the Obliterate keyword, removing the cards that get dunked by it to no longer be able to be revived or trigger Last Breath! It's slow, but that slowness packs an insane punch.

    Renekton Card Image Ascended's Call Card Image Nasus Card Image

    The real deal though, if you haven't already won, is Ascended's Call. Getting a level 3 Renekton and Nasus out onto the field, along with that sweet attack token through Rally is sure to finish up the game. Unfortunately, simply earning the Emperor's Deck is not going to be enough to play this card though because, in our experience, this card will ALWAYS be the last one you can draw. Even if you shuffle into the deck, Ascended's Call in your last chance to win. Azir, you damn cheat!

    Here is the deck in full. If you want to play with it, go and craft yourself an Azir, you won't be disappointed.