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Marvel Snap

3 Characters


Angela Card ImageWhen you play a card here, +2 Power.

Angela's Stats

  • Cost: 2
  • Power: 1

Angela's Ability

When you play a card here, +2 Power.


  • henryqqy's Avatar
    Island 905 37 Posts Joined 11/13/2019
    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

    Shes extremelly strong and not at the same time, it basically wins a Location most times, but as your opponent does so you can focus in winning the other 2 as they will put their entire hand there.
    But i can see it being even more busted with move cards as youre buffing her and giving impact in other Locations.
    But again, winning a single Location can win you the match depending in which is, as there some buff others as long youre winning.


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