Quicksand Hourglass

Quicksand Hourglass Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Core
  • Faction Parsa
  • Rarity Uncommon
  • Cost 2
  • Strength 0
  • Health 0

Card Text

Choose a friendly lane without notifying opponents. When an enemy minion attacks that lane, it must first take 4 damage and you \1Sacrifice\0 this.

Flavor Text

What should have been a trickle of sand gushed out to fill the entire chamber.


There’s a great deal of space between a second’s beginning and its end. My friend Sanem knew this well. She moved with grace and a surety even at that age. She was just a little faster to react than everyone around us. She was the best at each sport we tried. This gave him a confidence, of course. She expected to win. But the way she held fast to the silence of each second mattered too. It’s that thing that kept him from arrogance, I think.


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